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Expert solutions for creating and maintaining websites. 


We offer professional development of WordPress or HTML websites, according to the requirements of each client.


A professionally designed online store is the right solution to reach more customers and sell your products. We will help you choose the right type of online store and build it for you.


Optimization is no longer a matter of discussion, but a must for any business. What is your ranking in Google results today is more relevant than the location of your office.


Website maintenance is a service in which we conduct all technical and administrative work on the site – system update, protection against hackers, performance monitoring and much more.


For the optimal performance of your website, the company assists in the choice of web hosting and domain registration.


We offer competitive prices and agile payment methods in accordance to the needs of our customers.


Your ALL-IN-ONE business partner


The company offers professional website development solutions. We work with high-end web design technologies and thoroughly study the business of our clients to create the most suitable and unique website possible.


We have extensive experience in creating the following types of websites:

  • Corporate website
  • Portfolio site
  • Web directory
  • Landing page
  • Non-profit organization website
  • Educational website
  • Web portal
  • Crowdfunding website
  • Informational website
  • Infopreneur website
  • Online community website
  • News and magazine website
  • Entertainment website
  • Photo-sharing website
  • Blogs
  • Internal company intranet site
  • Personal home page
  • Forum
  • Product catalog


In order to offer the best solution, we perform an initial consultation to clarify your goals and assist you in selecting the required components.

  • Initial analysis of the activity
  • Determining the goals of the site
  • Choosing a suitable business model
  • Choosing the appropriate website type
  • UX consultation
  • Choosing a suitable design
  • Selection of appropriate plugins / modules / themes / pages


Once we know exactly what you need, we start building your site.

  • Providing a development plan and a final offer
  • Signing a Development Agreement
  • Building the site
  • Processing change requests
  • Adding desired plugins / modules / themes / pages
  • Presenting and transferring the site to the client


Use of the website is subject to legal control and certain requirements must be met. We can assist with every step:

  • Preparation of Terms and Conditions
  • Preparation of a Data Protection Policy
  • Preparation of a Cookie Declaration (Policy)


Assistance in choosing and registering the most suitable hosting and domain for your website.

  • Selection and registration of a suitable domain
  • Selection and registration of a suitable hosting


An online store is also a website, but due to the development specifications and the intended use it is treated as a separate category. The online store allows you to reach a large number of customers without incurring rental, staff and other costs. The company offers the following services:


For optimal realization of your products and services it is important to choose the most appropriate type of online store. This is done mainly based on the type of products / services you offer. The most common types we can make for you are:

  • Single brand website: if you plan to sell products made by your own brand.
  • Online retailers: if you resell products from other manufacturers.
  • Affiliate marketing: if your site has high traffic you can sell products of other manufacturers for a commission.
  • Marketplaces: suitable for Consumer to consumer (C2C) model.


To achieve your goals, it is important to choose the most appropriate business model in terms of who your customers are. The most commonly used business models in online stores that we can assist integrating are:

  • Business to business (B2B): Most suitable if your products and services are intended for other businesses.
  • Business to consumer (B2C): Most suitable if your products and services are intended for end users. You can sell your products only online or create an online store to support the sales of physical stores.
  • Consumer to consumer (C2C): If you want to create a platform where customers can offer products and services to other customers, this is the model for you.
  • Consumer to business (C2B): Suitable for platforms for the provision of services by freelancers or part-timers.


In order to offer the best solution, we perform an initial consultation to clarify your goals and determine all other aspects. We perform or assist in:

  • Initial analysis of the activity
  • Determining the goals of the site
  • Choosing a suitable business model
  • Choosing the appropriate type of online store
  • UX consultation
  • Choosing a suitable design
  • Selection of appropriate plugins / modules / themes / pages


We perform every step of making online stores. The service includes:

  • Providing a development plan and a final offer
  • Signing a Development Agreement
  • Building the site
  • Processing change requests
  • Adding desired plugins / modules / themes / pages
  • Presenting and transferring the site to the client


Our team can assist you by uploading products and services to your site. The service includes:

  • Upload pre-provided item
  • Periodic uploading and change / update of items


There are many payment methods that you can use when shopping online, so you can choose the most convenient for you. The most commonly used are:

  • Payment by cash on delivery (you pay when the goods arrive)
  • Payment by check
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Payment by postal order (note)
  • Payment by credit or debit card
  • Payment via online payment site (PayPal, Alertpay, Moneybookers, Epay, etc.)
  • Payment with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, etc.)

Some sites may integrate one or several payment methods as needed*


The conduct of online trade is subject to control and certain legal requirements must be met. We can assist with every step:

  • Registration of the online store (if required by the local law)
  • Preparation of Terms and Conditions
  • Preparation of a Data Protection Policy
  • Preparation of a Cookie Declaration (Policy)


Assistance in choosing and registering the most suitable hosting and domain for your online store.

  • Selection and registration of a suitable domain
  • Selection and registration of suitable hosting


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s search engine visibility through “natural” or unpaid (also called “organic” or “algorithmic”) results, including optimizing the HTML / PHP code, structure and the text of a website. Advertising the site and increasing internal and / or backlinks is another strategy for SEO optimization. The higher and more often a site appears in the results, the more visitors it is likely to be generated by the search engine and the site gets better presence on the Internet. Optimization can include various aspects of search, such as searching in a specific area or region, as well as searching for pictures, videos, or news.


Internal optimization aims to achieve more visits through search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and others by different techniques such as linking the right keywords or phrases. The service includes:


We will analyse the current state of your ON-PAGE SEO and that of your competitors to prepare a detailed action plan for your website’s SEO optimization.

  • Complete on-page SEO analysis
  • Competitor domain analysis


Having the right domain is of crucial importance for your SEO. We will assist you through each step.

  • Domain creation strategy: Creating a clear vision of what you want to achieve if you are just registering your first domain is important before you decide what top level and second level domain you should use as they can greatly impact your SEO.
  • Second-level domain (SLD): In our case that would be “veniluck” in veniluck.com. This is the most memorable part of the domain and it should be selected after careful consideration. If you are creating a new website, it’s important to select an appropriate and SEO friendly root domain name that includes a keyword describing your core business. Our team could assist you with the creation of one in accordance with your company name and primary business activity.
  • Top-level domain (TLD): (info) TLD is the last part of the root domain in our case that is “.com” and the TLD can impact your SEO. Having a country specific TLD such as .us, .eu, .ca can improve your SEO in the particular region, but it can have a negative impact on your overall global ranking.
  • Subdomain: (info) Subdomain is for instance “blog” in blog.veniluck.com. They are treated as a different site altogether and could impact your SEO by helping you create separate version of your site with a different structure dedicated for a mobile use only or for a different region with region-specific content as well as different language for example.
  • Subfolders: (info) Subfolders are connected to your Second-level domain (SLD) for instance “/web-design/” in https://veniluck.com/web-design/ and could be a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and improve your overall SEO when used properly.
  • Domain registration: How far ahead a domain is prepaid can affect your SEO. Our team can help you determine a suitable period according to your needs and administer the payments.
  • Domain analysis: We can perform a detailed analysis of your domain and its history and produce a report containing all aspects of your domain and how they contribute to your SEO.
  • Domain optimization plan: This service includes a domain analysis but for every aspect also provides detailed steps on what and why it should be optimized. Sometimes changing the domain may be the best strategy in order to achieve your goals, SONY has changed their entire name, so it won’t be so difficult to just change your domain if necessary.


We will optimize each aspect of your website including any GRAPHICS, VIDEOS and IMAGES.

  • Images selection: Having the right images improves your user experience thus your retention rate.
  • Images placement: Having the right images is important but also as important is where they are placed in your website. Our team will assist with determining the best spots for your images.
  • Alt attributes: If you use images or videos on your webpage it’s important to integrate Alt Tags within them so that search engines could interpret those images. Properly tagged images will improve your overall page ranking.
  • Responsive image
  • Image aspect ratio
  • Image resizing
  • Image format selection: Having the right format can impact your SEO. Our team will select SEO friendly modern image formats or upgrade your current images accordingly.
  • Image caching


Complete keyword (keyphrase) optimizatio.

  • Keyword (Keyphrase) research: Researching keywords that are relevant and often searched for in your field to integrate them within your content.
  • Keyword (Keyphrase) analysis: Conducting keyword analysis of a website to identify obsolete keywords and determine relevant and up to date ones. We will measure the relevance of the currently used keywords based on overall search history of the words and let you know how they contribute to your goals. Also, we shall check if the keywords are placed appropriately through your Title tags, Meta descriptions and the rest of the content.
  • Keywords (Keyphrases) creation: Creating relevant to your target audience and specific to your business keywords that your clients could associate your business with is a way to set yourself apart from your competitors.
  • Focus keyword (Keyphrase) selection: The Focus keyword is the one you want your webpage to rank high in SERPs when users search for it. It is important for the SEO and it should be selected carefully. We will analyze your content and help you select the most appropriate one.
  • Related keywords (Keyphrase) creation: This allows to rank high not only for the the selected Focus keyword (Keyphrase) but also for related ones.
  • Focus keyword (Keyphrase) synonyms creation: Creating relevant synonyms for your focus keywords, helping to make your texts easier to red while improving your SERPs ranking as many users may search the net using a synonym instead of the defined Focus keyword.
  • Keyword (Keyphrase) in introduction: We will make sure that your keyword is included at the beginning of your content as this will impact your SEO.
  • Keywords (Keyphrases) distribution: It’s important that your keyword is placed appropriately throughout the content of a page.
  • Keywords (Keyphrases) density: How many times the keyword is used regarding the text length is important for your SEO.
  • Keywords (Keyphrases) in subheading: Using your keyword in subheadings in the range of H2-H6 impacts your SEO as well.
  • Word cloud generation: This will provide a visual representation of the most commonly used words in your content and see how users and search engines perceive it.
  • Keywords (Keyphrase) length: Based on the type of page and other criteria it’s important to use the appropriate length.
  • Keywords (Keyphrases) in meta description
  • Keyword (Keyphrase) in slug
  • Previously used keyword (Keyphrase) check: Using the same keyword or keyphrase in more than one of your pages is not a good SEO practice and may impact your page negatively. We will check if there such instances.
  • Keyword (Keyphrase) in title


Complete content optimizatio.

  • Content audit: (info) We could perform a content audit to determine overall quality and relevance and prepare a detailed action plan for improvement
  • Content relevance improvement
  • Content structure improvement
  • Evergreen content creation
  • Duplicate content removal
  • H1 – H6 tags definition: Those tags are the text titles within a page. Structuring your texts using H1 – H6 tags not only makes your content easier to read by users but also impacts your SEO by helping search engines provide your content to users that are looking for it.
  • H1 – H6 tags distribution: You should distribute the H1 – H6 tags in accordance with your page content as that can affect your SEO and thus it’s important to be done appropriately.
  • Paragraph length: The right length should be selected considering your content. Shorter paragraphs tend to be more scannable by search engines and users thus helping your rank higher in SERPs. Selecting the right length will reduce the bounce rate and additionally improve your SEO and ranking.
  • Sentence length
  • Structural text elements


Complete URL optimizatio.

  • URL structure
  • URL readability (SEO friendly URL): Converting the URL to a readable or “friendly” format is another step towards better internal optimization.
  • URL canonicalization (Canonical tag): – learn more
  • URL redirects: This is a way to redirect users visiting one URL to another. If done correctly it could increase the traffic to the URL you are redirecting to. We could assist with choosing URLs that users may visit and set them to redirect your main URL.
  • Favicon set up


Complete ON-PAGE links optimization.

  • Internal linking: Internal or also known as outbound links are links that redirect to content on the same domain. Using inbound links can help you structure the content of your website and improve overall user experience. It also creates additional keywords for the content of the page, which are indexed by search engines.
  • External linking: External or also known as outbound links are links that redirect users to other domains. Linking to websites with high authority can be beneficial to your SEO and also give you the opportunity to provide more relevant information to your visitors by including links to pages describing a given term or subject in greater detail than what you want to include on your own website. This said the number of outbound links should be limited and only used to enrich your overall content quality. We will assist in selecting appropriate external links and add them to your website making sure you are legally compliant when using external links.
  • Link depth determination: Link depth is how many pages you must enter to reach a given page. It affects the PageRank and important pages on your website should have low link depth and be accessible with fewer clicks. – learn more
  • Broken links removal


Complete mobile optimization.

  • Compatibility between devices
  • Meta viewport
  • Media query configuration
  • Mobile preview


Complete ON-PAGE ads optimization.

  • Annoying ads removal
  • Relevant ads implementation
  • Ads.txt file configuration
  • Call-to-Action


External optimization can be defined as building an online authority or reputation of a site. Most often this is achieved by placing links (hyperlinks) to the site on other sites.


Placing links on sites with similar content to generate more visits to your site. We can assist with:

  • Backlinks check: Checking the number and location of all current backlinks.
  • Link generation
  • Backlinks exchange programs: Organizing link exchange programs with suitable partners
  • Excessive link exchange prevention
  • Backlinks placing: Placing links of your website in appropriate sites and directories
  • Backlinks anchor text: This is the visible text seen on hyperlinks when linking to another location on the web and it provides information about the content of the link’s destination thus it is important to use suitable text that will make users more likely to click on the link.


Well planned and executed content promotion can greatly improve your overall domain authority.

  • Guest content: Providing other websites with relevant content that will promote your business
  • Forum posting: Identifying suitable forums and making posts promoting your website in them
  • Blog commenting (Blogging): Helps build relationships with users in your industry thus promoting links back to your site.
  • Registration in web portals: Web portals gather information on different topics and organize it. By registering your website in web portals dedicated to the content that you provide you expose your website to more people that are potential visitors.
  • Off-page copywriting: Preparation of professional texts in order to promote your website.
  • Domain authority improvement
  • Content promotion: Well planned and executed content promotion can greatly improve your overall domain authority.


Local SEO combines on-page and off-page optimization in order to promote your website in a specific region. It requires knowledge of the region and specialists who understand the local preferences.


The service includes:

  • Local keywords integration: Researching and integrating relevant local keywords on your website.
  • Local website copy: Creating a location-specific website copy.


The service includes:

  • Local (Directory) listings: Making sure that when users search for service providers in specific locations that those near you will find you by adding contact information and your site in local directories.
  • Google local optimization: Optimizing Google My Business and other services for local searches.
  • Local review promotion: Promoting reviews on local review sites and forums.
  • Local backlinks integration: Placing backlinks in relevant local websites.


    Technical SEO involves website and server level optimization aimed to ensure that search engine spiders crawl and index your website. The service includes:


    Complete SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) optimization. The service includes:

    • Crawlability: This is a search engine’s ability to access content on a page. It is a determining factor of how high in the SERPs your webpage will be, and it should be optimized accordingly.
    • Meta title (Title tag) definition: This is the title of your webpage in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)
    • Meta descriptions creation: Creating relevant meta descriptions so that the website stands out in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)
    • Slug configuration
    • Structured data (Schema markup) configuration: This is a code consisting of semantic vocabulary placed on your website that search engines use to provide more relevant results to end users. Using JSON- LD, microdata and RDFa is a way to enhance your SEO, allowing search engines to understand better the content of a site. They make it possible for a webpage to appear in SERPs as rich result and increase RTA (click-through rate). – learn more
    • SERPs preview check
    • SES registration: Search Engine Submission (SES) is the process of submitting a URL (domain name) to search engines for storage in their databases. Larger search engines offer administration tools, such as Google Search Central and Google Analytics, in which you can register or add a site to the search engine’s database, thus ensuring its crawl. This is one way to make your site easier to find. We can register your website in over 500 search engines and web portals.


    Speed is one of the most important factors impacting your SEO. We will optimize everything that could increase the speed of your website. The service includes:

    • Site speed check
    • Page speed check
    • Hosting server speed check
    • DOM (Document object model) size check
    • Page objects check: Identifying all page objects, their impact on overall loading speed and if they are retrievable.
    • External style sheets
    • Page caching
    • Flash removal
    • CDN configuration
    • Render blocking resources


    The service includes:

    • JS execution time check
    • Javascript caching
    • Inline JS transfer: Moving Javascript to an external file will speed up your website.
    • Javascript minification
    • Javascript errors fix


    The service includes:

    • CSS caching
    • CSS layouts
    • CSS minification
    • Inline CSS transfer


    The service includes:

    • Deprecated HTML tags replacement
    • HTML page size check
    • HTML compression/GZIP
    • DOCTYPE: This is a document type declaration that defines which version of HTML or XHTML your webpage uses. Having this declaration will improve the browser compatibility.
    • Frameset
    • Charset declaration
    • Nested tables
    • Social media meta tags definition


    The service includes:

    • Noindex tag configuration
    • Nofollow tag configuration
    • Index tag configuration
    • Follow tag configuration
    • Unavailable_after tag configuration
    • Noimageindex tag configuration
    • None tag configuration
    • Nocache tag configuration
    • Noarchive tag configuration
    • Noodyp/noydir tag configuration
    • Nosnippet tag configuration
    • Disallow directive configuration


    The service includes:

    • Source code debugging
    • Console errors fixing
    • Meta refresh fix
    • IP address issues fixing
    • Custom 404 error page


    The service includes:

    • Cross-origin links configuration – learn more
    • Safe browsing check – learn more
    • Directory listing configuration – learn more
    • Server signature configuration – learn more
    • HTTP2 configuration
    • Mixed content check (HTTP over HTTPS): We check if all resources on your webpage are loaded over HTTPS instead of HTTP
    • SSH configuration – learn more
    • TLS / SSL (HTTPS) configuration – learn more
    • DDoS protection integration – learn more


    The company offers comprehensive technical and administrative support. Website maintenance is a service in which we perform all technical and administrative work on the site – system update, protection against hacker attacks, performance monitoring and much more. In addition, all our customers can request changes to the current set-up, which are included in the monthly subscription service fee. We can professionally maintain and support all types of websites.


    • Text editing (editing and correction of lexical, semantic, grammar and other errors)
    • Content audit (presence of banned images and texts or copyrighted ones)
    • Updates to content (any requested changes to texts, images, videos and other content)
    • Content Management
    • Data Manipulation and Migration
    • Adding of new language
    • Backups per your requirements to ensure data security & business continuity
    • Traffic analysis


    • Site performance monitoring
    • Hosting performance monitoring
    • Adding of plugins / modules / themes / pages
    • Updates to plugins / modules / themes / pages
    • Set-up changes to plugins / modules / themes / pages
    • Design change
    • Speed optimization
    • Recovering website from archive
    • Adding or changing images and banners
    • Bug fixing
    • Harmful code removal
    • Setting up and integrating third party services


    Hosting and Domain solutions for sites, either created by us or already existing ones.


    Assistance in:

    • Choosing a suitable hosting provider and plan
    • Hosting registration and setup
    • Transfer of a site to another host


    The domain is the name of your site and how your customers will find you on the Internet. The name of your site (eg Veniluck.com) is essential for the success of your site! Therefore, we pay special attention to choosing the right domain, considering the essence of your business:

    • Assistance in choosing a domain
    • Domain registration and setup
    • Domain change
    • Expired domain recovery


    Having a private email domain helps you stand out from your competitors.

    • Domain registration
    • Hosting registration
    • Initial setup
    • Complete administration


    We offer competitive prices and different payment methods according to the needs of our customers. Contact us now to tell us what you need and we will provide with an offer.