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VENILUCK CBS: All in one solution for your business


Optimize your business and save costs by using our contact center for incoming, outgoing and back office services.


Products and services telesales. Comprehensive market analyses and surveys.


We can perform secondary to the main business activities in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


We can provide you with valuable insights  and assist you when making important business decisions.


The call center of the company has specialists with extensive experience in the outsourcing business.

Opportunities don’t just happen. You create them!


Comprehensive solutions for your telemarketing campaigns and research.


Organizing and conducting relevant telemarketing surveys and analyses.

Surveys and analysis:

  • Potential markets
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer profiling
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand recognition
  • Direct mail and email campaign effectiveness – Follow-up  calls after direct mail campaign to evaluate the customer interest after posted direct mail or email campaigns


    Increase your sales with call campaigns to promote sales of additional or new products and services to current clients using the right telemarketing strategy.

    • B2B – Sales of products and services suitable for business customers
    • B2C – Sales of products and services to end users
    • Upsale campaigns – adding to the sale of products or services with premium versions, updates and more
    • Cross-sale campaigns – sales of additional and complementary products or services after a sale
    • Downsell – offering alternative, more affordable products or services to hesitant customers


    Cut costs and increase efficiency!


    Taking over the communication and secondary activities of busy departments and employees.

    • Phone secretary in a specified language – Communication with third parties, customers and internally between departments of the company
    • Data entry processing – Collection and processing of large amounts of information. Entering information from paper media into databases
    • Updating databases – Updating information about individuals and companies through references to available databases, the Internet or telephone calls
    • Direct mail campaign management – Preparation and sending of personalized or mass correspondence and marketing materials
    • Email campaign management – Mass personalized informative emails
    • SMS services – Providing short SMS numbers and programming of automatic platforms for customer service and SMS games


    Increase your customer service efficiency.

    • After-hours customer support – We can continue supporting your customer after the end of your business hours
    • Order processing – Registration and processing of incoming orders by phone
    • Enquiry handling – Handling enquiries related to purchased products and services including prices, availability by sites and other general information
    • Products and services support – Answering questions related to purchased products and used services such as warranty information, repair and maintenance, contract renewals
    • Customer retention campaigns – Contacting customers and offering preferential terms when renewing or extending service contracts
    • Due payments reminders – Reminder calls for due and overdue debts of individuals and legal entities
    • Technical Support – Level 1 IT support on general technical issues and problems
    • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) integration – Possibility to provide automatic recorded voice information, after-hours call handling, leaving messages


    We manage the whole process for you by planning and notifying current or potential clients and partners for upcoming events and business meetings.

    • Identification of potential corporate clients
    • Generating initial interest
    • Arranging business meetings and events
    • Notification calls for upcoming events


    Our subscriptions are based on the time coverage that you require.

    • Specified hours during the working day
    • During the whole working day
    • Outside working hours
    • 24/7 (including any national holidays)


    Consultations on strategic business matters related to telemarketing and your internal Call Center units.


    Assistance in all matters related to telemarketing.

    • Evaluation of products and services – Suitability for telemarketing campaigns
    • Defining a target market – Customers who will be most willing to buy your products
    • Analyzing competitors – Who are the main competitors offering similar products and services and how to stay competitive
    • Defining complementary products – If you offer more than one product and service, we can determine which are best offered in combination
    • Development of an action plan – Number of calls per day, the most appropriate hours to call, approach during the calls, necessary equipment and staff


    Assistance in the design and integration of internal Call Center units.

    • Defining goals
    • Assessment of the current situation
    • Necessary premises
    • Necessary equipment
    • Staff number and required skills
    • Action plan – we provide you with a detailed action plan for setting up your Call Center unit


    Deciding to delegate processes to an external vendor. We have worked and are working with many businesses with which we have established a connection and we can find the most efficient solutions for you.

    • Assessing current needs
    • Identifying processes suitable for outsourcing
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of suppliers
    • Assistance in finding suppliers


    The call center is composed of professionals with years of experience, able to provide a mix of specialized services related to servicing customers via a set of communication channels: telephone, email, fax, SMS, and direct mail. The opportunities we offer to our clients include services for end users , channels to increase sales, increase the efficiency of current channels, services of collecting, processing and maintaining information and databases.